Indonesia – Lombok to Flores boat trip, Komodo Wanua adventures.


So I woke up really early and decided to go on the boat after all. I called up my tour guide and he told me I had to pay an extra 200,000rp to rebook for today. I didn’t care by that point and didn’t argue, I wanted to be on the boat!

I was picked up at 8.30am and driven to Bangsal where we had to wait in a cafe and register to the boat. As it’s so busy there were 3 boats heading out, and I ended up on the busiest one. Instead of having the maximum 25 people we had 35! While waiting to get on the boat I bought some snacks and withdrew some money just in case.

Walking up the boat I could only laugh, it looked horrible. Old small wooden boat which had been painted white. I had read up reviews beforehand so I knew I wasn’t in for luxury, and I wasn’t pleasantly surprised either. There was one toilet for all 35 of us, no shower and the bedroom was literally a whole floor of play mats and even then there weren’t enough for everyone. I thought it was all part of the experience, some people panicked thinking the boat will sink. I actually prepared for this and kept all my valuables in a dry bag haha. Our big backpacks were all kept under the main floor which was mighty fun to crawl through when I realised I should just take some clothes out for the whole trip.

The first day was just sailing round the north of Lombok, there was the most amazing view of Rinjani from the sea. Really I was puking in my mouth at the sight of the beautiful volcano and blaming it for all my woes. We then stopped off for a bit to swim, but as I had only just had my first shower in 3 days after RInjani hike I decided to spend one more day clean and stayed out the sea.

Food is served on a mat on the floor of the deck, it’s a bit of a wild animal moment where we all sit wagging our tails and then run in for the kill. Needless to say, some people are really inconsiderate and eat way more than others so the food ran out really quickly. I learnt from this and made sure I was one of the first to get food.

We sailed for around 5 hours and then when the sun went down we saw many flying foxes flying overhead which was a lovely way to end the first day on the boat. Once dark, we stopped the boat and had dinner. After that the lights went off and we set sail again for 10 hours.

It was the perfect day to recover the hike, the views were amazing and it was fun to be on the rocky boat and hang out with the group.


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