Indonesia – Wanua boat trip day 2


Funny thing about everyone sleeping on the playmats is that you have to crawl over everyone to get down and to the toilet. It was also a bit rocky which made it even more challenging, especially in the middle of the night.

What was amazing though was the view of the stars which were unmarred by the clouds and were all crystal clear. There was also plankton in the sea and I watched that for a while. Just beautiful!

In the morning we were all woken up with a call from the captain and we all gathered to have breakfast, and then get ready to go to the waterfall on Moyo island. It was a short hike to the waterfall, I didn’t prepare anything I was walking in my flip flops and bikini, but brought water and my camera.

Some people were dissapointed in the waterfall, I actually thought it was quite pretty! Just there were too many people in my group to enjoy it properly. There were some crazy limestone pools where you could see the mineral formations. We climbed up it, which looks slippery but isn’t, to the pool at the top where we could jump in from a rope swing. It was nice to be in fresh water, really refreshing.

Afterwards we continued to sail to a snorkelling spot which was really nice and the coral was really pretty. The only annoying thing was that the snorklling equipment isn’t very good, and I wish I had my own. I saw so many awesome fish though, and the coral was nice and bright. There was also a lake we could walk to which was pretty from the views above, I walked around for a bit before realising I’d need proper shoes.

That evening we were sailing again for 17 hours! So I relaxed and enjoyed the views until the sun went down and then I headed to bed.


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