Indonesia – Kuta Lombok, Surfing


OMG. So maybe allowing the surf instructor take me to the beach was the worst decision of my life. I thought I was going to die on the back of his motorbike, I was given no helmet and he drove so fast in order for me to hold onto him. I did not hold onto him because that’s personal space… !

He did give me a full body wetsuit though as my thighs had been rubbed raw yesterday, I was really grateful for that. The waves were much smaller and he took his time to tell me how I was standing badly and how I can improve. In that sense I was pleased I had a good instructor, but on the other hand I was so fed up of him being a creep. I made it very clear I was not interested and was super happy that none of my flesh was on show, but he was persistant I’ll give him that. He told me we would go to a special sunset spot just the two of us, and then surf again tomorrow on a different beach. I had never agreed to any of this and was planning my exit route.

Almost died again on the way back to the hostel, I needed some time to recover! I managed to book my Rinjani tour and at sunset I walked to Kuta beach, which was just stunning. The tide was so far out, and I watched all these weird worms do their thing. It was such a romantic place and I was sad to be alone! I’m not desperate enough to find my surf instructor before you think, no thank you.


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