Indonesia -Kuta Lombok, Salong Balanyak


So I wanted to surf here, well, learn to surf. I had mentioned it to the others I had met the other night, and they wanted to join too. At first I was happy about this as I was nervous to surf, but began to regret it as they all decided to wake up late, yes military Helen was not happy about this, so we didn’t even set off until 10.30am.

As the sun is strong I didn’t want to be surfing in the middle of the day, wrinkles.. please. I had no choice though, with a large group it was hard to please everyone and I really wanted the price lower but we had walked down the wrong street (the one by the sea)to find a decent instructor. This guy Sen eventually agreed to take all 6 of us out to learn to surf for 200,000IDR which incuded transport, board and a cover up.

I was pleased with the price but was quickly unhappy with Sen. I knew nothing about surfing and he took all of one minute to show me how to stand. He also made us wait quite a while so he could relax, and by the time we eventually got in the water the waves were 2-3m high. I was being constantly bashed by the waves, not enjoying the wait for the small waves, my thighs were rubbing badly against the board too. One good thing was that I was able to stand!

All in all it was fun, but the waves were just too big for beginners, my thighs really hurt and I didn’t feel like I’d learnt anything. The instructor simply pushed me into the wave and shouted “stand”.. The drive to the beach was stunning, and I’m looking forward to seeing the road again.

We ate on the main strip for dinner, and I booked myself into another session of surfing with Rini shop, fingers crossed that tomorrows lesson will be better than todays.


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