Indonesia- Kuta Lombok, Mawun, Mawi and Tanjung aan


I had heard from many people and blogs that you must must only rent your scooter from the hostel as the rental companies have this tendancy to steal your bike for more money. I had prebooked my bike the day before, and there waiting for me was a brand spanking new bike and helmet, thanks Ike’s!

I was a little wobbly at first but soon got to grips, my first stop was to the tour company again to book my Lombok to Flores boat trip for when I got back from Rinjani. I got some snacks for the day and then I was off!

I decided to head West, and at first got a little lost but found the road which parallels the coast. It was just a wonderful drive, the road follows the hills so you come across fantastic views and you pass through beautiful countryside.

My first stop was Mawun beach, at the entrance of the road they make you pay 10,000rp for the scooter. By ‘they’ I have no idea who these people are and what they do with the money.The road split into two, one was a sandy road and the other was the normal paved road. Feeling up for an adventure I went down the sandy road and quickly realised this was not correct… There were some locals who said it was ok to leave my bike near them while I went on the beach. To my far right I could see the ‘official’ spot where all the food and people were. I decided to sit for a bit, and had a short conversation with a local, it ended up with me offering him one of my crisps only for him to take my whole bag and walk away. I was really sad about this.

I left and headed to the food and ate a grilled fish, some wasn’t cooked all the way through but it was delicious and nice to eat on the beach. There was another local who was insistant on taking my picture, which was really annoying as I said no but he kept snapping away. For this reason I didn’t stay long at Mawun and began my journey West again.

The next beach on my list was Mawi, which I had heard was beautiful (I mean they are all beautiful here) and you can watch the surfers do their thing. To get there I had to keep at the main road and keep an eye out for a small sign. Again, I had to pay 10,000rp to enter the road on my scooter.

So one thing about me is that I have a pea head, like so small that it’s child size. So of course, my helmet is a little loose. This usually doesn’t pose a problem, but the road to the beach was around 1-2km long and was completely bumpy. Fun, yes, but bumpy. It got to the point where I had to tilt my head up to the sky so I could see where I was going as my helmet had fallen so far forward.  I was happy that I hadn’t fallen off the bike and had managed to finally reach the beach!

This beach was gorgeous, and totally worth the hilarious drive. There are cliffs to either side which when the tide is low, you can walk around. The whole sand is made of tiny beautiful shells, and I collected a couple to take home. Even just the sound of the water hitting the shore was amazing because of these shells. In the back I could see a few surfers but not many, usually there are lots doing tricks in the water. I spent a nice amount of time here, but really wanted to see more so I set off again on the bike.

I again headed West but after driving for 15mins and not really knowing where I was or where I was heading I turned around and decided to head East past Kuta beach. I can’t lie, I felt super cool driving on the scooter.

The drive was pleasant, and I drove past Kuta beach and towards Tanjung Aan beach which took around 30-40mins. I somehow managed to get in without paying, while other people were getting stopped. This beach was huge and had a lovely hike up the hill, which I didn’t do because I’m lazy but I could see people up there getting ready for sunset. I took some nice pictures and relaxed a little but still wanted to head more East.

I ended up driving on a potholed road for sometime to Gerupuk, which is an odd town with many locals but also with a lot of tourists. I didn’t really get what was there, maybe it’s a hot spot for surfing…It was nice to see nonetheless. I headed back afterwards as it was gettnig dark and I was getting hungry.

All in all it was an excellent day of scooter riding, the roads were almost empty, I felt no pressure to drive fast and really just took in all the sights. If I had more time here I’d love to see more in the area.


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