Indonesia – Senaru, beginning of Rinjani


Today was the day I head towards Rinjani base for my homestay. I was anxious because I had not slept well in my dorm and had a bit of a stomach ache. I was picked up at 8am and drove for a few hours to Bangsal, where we changed cars and then set off to Senaru.

Our first stop was the company base, I was with the dreaded Tropis whom I’d heard SO many bad things about but for the price I paid (1.25mil) I really couldn’t complain. We were briefed on what we would be doing over the next 3 days, and to my surprise I was going to be heading up the summit on the first night. I actually preferred this as hopefully I’d have more energy and then I can relax at the lake and hotspring the next day.

The homestay there was overlooking the most beautiful ricefield, Ubud can suck one! The room was so basic, and for some reason at homestays I’m always put in a room with one bed to share with some random tourist I met in the car, luckily I moved to a twin bed.

As I was feeling so unwell I just slept the entire day, well not slept but played a game on my phone while relaxing in bed haha. Everyone else ventured off to the waterfall nearby. That evening we ate at another homestay which was basic. I was just hoping and praying I’d feel alright in the morning.


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