Indonesia – Ubud Bali, rice fields, Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple, coffee plantation,Goa Gajah & Tegunungan waterfall


Wow today was busy. I found some fellow travellers to go visit some key spots in Ubud by taxi. Yep I chickened out on a scooter…

I managed to bargain a days taxi ride for 400,000rp in total, the driver wasn’t the nicest but he did his job.

The first stop was the rice fields, which was nice, but nothing spectacular… I just kept thinking of the beautiful tea plantation in Cameron Highlands Malaysia and this just didn’t compare. It was very small, and you had to pay to go down by both the government and the farmers. Worth the visit as it’s the thing to see in Ubud.

Next stop was Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple. I had heard there were temples you can go in and swim and pray. This wasn’t the temple I had in mind, but the driver wasn’t willing to go that far and took us here instead. In a way I was pleased we came here as it was quiet, and not very busy. It was a nice walk around for 15,000rp and there was a little pool I could swim in, which was women and men separate. I’d definitely recommend swimming here, it was so refreshing and I felt clean after due to the fresh water.

The weirdest thing about visiting this temple were the rules, I couldn’t believe that if you are on your period you are not allowed in! What kind of maddness is that….

On the way to the waterfall, we stopped off at a coffee plantation. I wouldn’t say it was a plantation as it was just a restaurant with some luwak in a cage, it is interesting to know how the coffee is made though. I do wonder who first thought it was ok to use the coffee beans in the luwak’s poo… At this coffee house which was near the rice field, they gave us a tray of teas to taste. All were very sugary but most were delicious, the ginger being my favourite.

Once at the waterfall, I finally had some food, and then made my way to see fall.. Sadly it was really busy and it almost ruined the scene. For an additional 10,000rp on top of the 10,000rp entrance fee you’re able to walk up to the top. It is so worth doing this and paying a bit extra. The top is really beautiful and we walked along as far as we could go without being in the river. We then decided to take a dip, not realising how strong the current was we all had to scramble to find a rock to hold on to. It was such a work out try to stay put, I’d say it was a little dangerous too. What we didn’t realise was that there was nice pocket of calm water that we should have stuck to. It was super fun though, and glad to say I swam and chilled out at the top.

The final destination was Goa Gajah, the elephant temple. It was here where we were informed by our delightful taxi driver that we were only allowed 30mins here otherwise we would be charged an extra 200,000rp. I didn’t want to rush or be charged extra, luckily for us this temple didn’t take long to go round. Yes there’s a cool cave carving and pool, and also a really cool garden to walk around, but really not much to do and it’s quite small. It also had a sign saying if you were menstruating you were not allowed in. How are they gonna check?!

That evening I treated myself to a pizza. yum yum.


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