Indonesia – Yogyakarta relax day


Ah I had so many plans for today, I was going to go see the bird market and take a walk down Malioboro st… Never made either. I ended up going food shopping for my train tomorrow, posting my postcard, and then ended up getting in Oskars car as he was going to take us all to lunch. Couldn’t say no to a local place!

Well I thought it was local, but the first place we tried to have lunch at was Via via which was just full of tourists. I was really happy that there was no space to seat all of us. Oskar then said he knew a chicken satay place not too far away, so we drove there. Ok, so really the reason why he was drving us to lunch was because the original plan was to drop a girl off at the airport and leave us at the first restaurant, but as it was full and the traffic was bad we started heading more towards the airport. It really didn’t help that the next restaurant was closed, and the one after that, so we ate right near the airport.

What we ended up eating was really awesome, it’s the Indonesian fast food, where they put many dishes on your table and you just choose what you want to eat. You just have to remember what you ate, so you can pay accordingly but as there were too many of us and we were all sharing dishes we decided split the bill. There’s also another catch where if you eat just a little of one dish you have to pay for it, so you might as well finish the dish. Let’s just say we ate a hell of a lot… Trying everything available, the beef redang was superb that I want to try and make it at home. We ended up having to pay 70,000rpi each which was my most expensive meal in Indonesia so far. I do think that the guys ate way more and I basically paid for them…

We also spent about 3 hours in the car, so by the time I got back it was around 4pm and not enough time to go to the bird market which closed at 5pm. I found a fruit stall to stock up, although  have no idea why I didn’t try to find it before as I missed fruit. Then lazed around wondering if I should bother going to the Malioboro st where it’s just shops and I’d need to get a taxi there and back. So I didn’t go and ended up eating out with many people from the hostel at this street, which I’d yet to discover and had many restaurants and bars. It was more pricey than my favourite stall on the street but it was nice to socialise with everyone before I leave tomorrow.

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