Indonesia – Yogyakarta, Borobudur


Well what a big bag of disappointment! I woke up at 3am to get to the hill near Borobudur to see the sunrise over the temple, only to be greeted with a mass of fog. I was lucky though, because it only cost me 30,000rp to see the sunrise from the hill, and eventually I did see the sun, but some people had paid an additional 200,000rp to see the sunrise from inside the temple!

I would genuinely say to head there for 10am, once the sunrise has happened and is enough time for any potential fog to pass. Although I could have just been unlucky, and I bet the actual sunrise is stunning. I guess I will never know. Bloody fog.

My positive input though is that Borobadur is incredible, the carvings are so detailed you wouldn’t believe it was originally built in the 9th century. Each carving is completely different and tells a different story, I personally loved all the animal carvings. Each floor offers a different aspect of the storytelling and at the top there are the stupas overlooking the mountains. It’s all very beautiful! I really wish there hadn’t been any fog.

As I had plenty of time before catching the bus back to the hostel, I checked out the museum which gave a brief history of Borobudur. I learnt that it was sir Raffles who discovered it, the same guy who discovered the Rafflesia flower in Malaysia! This guy seriously got around back in the day. I also learnt that they are still unsure when exactly it was built but they had found some hidden script which kind of lead them to believe it was in the 9th century. Either way, it is so impressive how well it looks today, the restoration team did an excellent job.

After an excellent nap in the bus I arrived back at Ostic house. There I planned my trip to Ijen volcano with the amazing help from Oskar, and he explained his plan for everyone later that day which was to go have a massage, dinner and then cinema. I skipped the massage and so Oskar had arranged for his driver to take a small group of us to dinner. We ate at a Gunung restaurant (memory is really bad I can’t actually remember if it is gunung…), it is basically a jack fruit curry place, so all you can choose is if you want breast, leg or wing of the chicken. It was so delicious! There were two curries, and the jack fruit was naturally sweet, the wing for me wasn’t great but overall I really enjoyed the dish.

We were then all taken to the cinema for a high class experience. Oskar had bought us cinema gold tickets, and which is the premium cinema. We had our own lounge, a food and drink menu and the waitress would bring whatever you order to your seat. Inside the cinema the seats were arranged in twos, they were able to fully recline and there was a leg rest too. On the arm there were all the buttons to move the chair, and also a call button for if I want anything during the film. Seriously, the best cinema experience ever! I was just so comfortable with my blanket, my popcorn brought to my little table beside me, I really could just sit back and relax. All of this cost 55,000rpi which is such a bargain for a fun night out.

That evening I caught up with sayang and went to bed early as I was so knackered from Borobudur.



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