Indonesia – Yogyakarta to Ijen


Today was the day where I’d be sitting on a train for 14 hours. Not even overnight.

Oskar drove us to the station, seriously, I’ll say again ‘Ostic is the best hostel ever’. He had booked the train ticket for me, so all I had to do was scan my paper confirmation and retrieve my ticket. I arrived 30mins before the train was due to leave but it was already on the platform so I took my seat.

It was incredibly small and uncomfortable. There were two people on one side and then you face two people on the other. Some good points, there was power, and the toilet was kept clean, although it was a squat toilet which lead to some rocky times. There was also some fast food nasi you could buy so we wouldn’t starve.

Other than that, it was the normal boring train journey from Yogyakarta at 7.15am to Karangasam 9pm. Some people got on a Surabaya for Mount Bromo and got off at Probolingo, so if I had wanted to see Bromo too I would have taken the same train.

Nothing else to report for the train. I ate some nasi ayam satay for 20,000rpi, and slept in an awkward position. I just felt bad for the local guy opposite me who had to sit next to this fat woman, that would have been even more uncomfortable.

When I arrived, my hostel Kampung Osing had a pick up waiting for me. The hostel is basic, but enough for a couple hours rest before my hike, plus it costs 130,000rpi for a room which can be shared and includes breakfast. I booked the hike through this hostel when I arrived, which was awesome. It includes transport, guide and gas mask. Try to bring your own torch (I didn’t have one annoyingly)


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