Indonesia – Yogyakarta, Dancing and Prambanan


I tried my luck second time around to see the dancing show at the palace in the morning, I rushed out to make sure I was there by 10am only to be greeted by an empty stage. The show apparently starts at 11am, not 10am.

So I took my seat at the front, because I got there early enough to deserve one! The music actually start around 10.30 and I was able to enjoy some nice Gamalan. The dancers finally came on and I really loved how they move, the men especially. They had this awesome puppet like movement, really strong and sharp. I believe the story was something like the men were trying to win the affections of the princess but she was having none of it. One man even tried to kill her after she defied him, but her mother was quick to defend. Then a monkey king managed to speak to the princess, and all the other men decided to fight him. The monkey king eventually died. Although I had no idea what was happening, it was a good show.

That afternoon, wasting no time, I had some lunch at a local restaurant which was like a buffet and then headed to the bus stop to go to Prambanan for the sunset. I had to take bus 3A towards the airport, and then change to 1A. All in all it cost 3500RP and took around 2 hours…

Finally at Prambanan, I bought my combo ticket for both Prambanan and Borabadur for 450,000rp, and set myself up to see the sunset. There are 3 main temples for Shiva, Bhrama and Vishnu and then there are many surrounding temples. There’s some amazing carvings in each temple, all different. The sunset was really lovely too, one from side you can see the silhouette and outline of the temples against the beautiful sunset and the other side the temples turned a wonderful pink.

The last entry to the park is at 5.15pm so you need to make sure that you get there in time, I left my hostel at 1.30! Getting the bus back wasn’t as long, and headed straight to a food stall for dinner. I really love the fried fish and curry sauce here.



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