Malaysia – Tioman Island, Monkey Bay


I woke up early to get to the jetty for 9am, it was a short 5 min walk from the hotel. I had bought my return ferry ticket once I got off the bus for 35rm. At the jetty you are required to buy two conservation tickets, one is only 5 rm and the other is 20rm for non student and 10rm for student. Luckily my baby face got me a student ticket, and I went to queue up to register myself. It’s a bit of a long process to get on the ferry which is why they tell you to get there 1.5 hours before the ferry leaves.

The ferry was ok, nothing special and everyone was loaded on pretty quickly. The journey itself was about 2 hours, it was really rocky and I felt so sick the whole time. The ferry stops at various points on the island and I got off at ABC where there is some budget accommodation. Annoyingly as it was holiday season, everywhere was booked up! We walked up and down asking and most places were closed, and finally when somewhere had a room they said they had no water. As there was no other option we took it, and got a small A hut for 40rm per night I think the place was called Nazrims place, but I’m not sure!

Once settled we decided to make the most of the day and hiked to Monkey bay. The first part wasn’t too bad just a little climbing, and after 15mins we came out to a small resort where there were many locals on holiday. There’s some signs for monkey bay but generally the rule is keep the beach to your left and follow the cables. The next part of the walk was more difficult, but only because it’s longer and it was hot. We passed a few tiny deserted beaches which would be nice if you cannot be bothered to walk to monkey bay. There’s also a much larger beach about 40 mins into the walk which is completely deserted apart from a few monkeys. It was really beautiful though and I enjoyed walking across this beach. On the final leg of the walk we started to hear some shouting so we knew we were close and were pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful cove beach with only a handful of people. There were some monkeys but they seemed to run away when you got close which meant they were a little afraid of people. This is a good thing as they are less likely to come up to you!

Further up the beach there are some swings in a tree but they didn’t reach the water, and we decided to set up there. It was really amazing being one of the few people there and eventually everyone left! We were surrounded by jungle and sea. The water wasn’t the clearest and further out the sand went mushy which I discovered later was due to the dead coral. There was also a little section around the furthest stretch of the beach where the sand was really fine and the water was clearer. Here there was an amazing view of the beach, and it was so amazing to see the sand shift in quality so quickly.

I really like this island, I saw a small squid swimming in the dead coral, a monkey catching and eating a squid, a huge lizard and so many cats haha.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was knowing that I would have to hike 1 hour again to get back to my hut! It always seems quicker when you head back though and I was much cooler too. I was greeted with the most beautiful sunset where the moon was sitting amongst the pink clouds. Just stunning! You don’t get to see sunsets like that everyday and I was so grateful to have seen it.

It took a while to find somewhere to eat but eventually had some rice at a place not too far from the jetty. Unfortunately there was still no water so I went to bed in a sweaty mess haha.


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