Malaysia – Tioman Island, Juara beach


We decided to head to Juara beach which I had read was the nicest beach on the island. Not to miss out on that we set off on a hike through the jungle, after breakfast of course at the place near the jetty towards monkey bay. I had a porridge with water and fruit and it was really good! The owner was hilarious though and kept saying the restaurant was closed but if you want to wait you can eat here. He said he was too stressed for the restaurant to be open, I wonder if this is his tactic so he doesn’t have to work very hard…

On the way to the jungle trek we were told that the path had gone and it was overgrown so we should go to Takek first and then walk across the island. As we didn’t want to get lost we followed the advice from the local. It took around 30 mins to walk to Takek and it was paved so not too bad. I enjoyed walking along the sea.

What we didn’t know was that before the airport and by the mosque there is a path you can take which is a clear path and you can follow the cables, which is a walking alternative to the 4×4 road where the cars go. Like I said, we didn’t know this and walked up the 40-45 degree upward slope road for 1 hour before it started to go down hill. One of the most challenging hikes I’ve ever done! I sweat so much and really had to mentally get myself up the hills… After one hour we finally started walking downhill and I was so relieved. Really happy to have done some decent exercise though! Good work out for the legs. After another hour or so we reached the waterfall which wasn’t anything amazing, and then finally got to the beach.

As the beach backs onto the chalets and huts it wasn’t as amazing as monkey bay. The water was incredible though and had some nice gentle waves and was crystal clear. I loved it here and really relaxed on the beach before getting a taxi back to Takek. The taxi cost 25rm each which is expensive but there was no way I could face more walking. I think in total we walked for around 4 hours from abc.

That evening we had a well deserved pizza in front of the sea and watched a thunderstorm in the distance.


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