Malaysia – Getting to Tioman island


I dropped my friend off at the airport and then took a train to TBS bus station which cost 37rm. From there I was planning to head to Mersing to finally get to Tioman Island. Unfortunately it was so busy because of the holidays and I was only able to get a bus at 5pm and it was 11am when I finally bought my ticket.

Luckily at this station, upstairs has many food outlets and places to sit. I found that the Dunkin doughnuts had power outlets so I settled down with a doughnut and charged my phone. The only annoying thing was the toilets had water all over the floor and I had no one to keep my big backpack with so it was all very gross.

I finally got on my bus, it was to be a 5 hour journey and wasn’t bad at all. The buses are always surprisingly comfortable and I managed to sleep a little.

In Mersing it was too late to catch a ferry so I stayed at Embassy hotel which was quite expensive for what it was… About 90rm for the night. There is not really any other option here, and it’s like the people of this area know how to take advantage of the people going to the island.


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