Malaysia – Leaving Tioman Island


To get back to Mersing there are only 2 ferries, one at 10am and one at 2pm. We set off to get the 10am ferry which was late and meant we missed our bus at 12pm… We also missed the bus because they were all full and we had to wait until 11.30pm to catch the next one!

Luckily we found a cafe in Mersing called seventy one which is a nice air conned restaurant cafe which also has wifi. I think the staff knew we were stuck here for the rest of the day but didn’t cause us any grief!

I had a nice walk around the town too finding the supermarket and beach, it’s nice but I wouldn’t stay here unless I was going to the island. Turns out a lot of tourists get stuck at Mersing due to the timings of the ferries and the buses, it also doesn’t help when you are travelling during the holiday season.

At the bus station there are so many stray cats and kittens, and you really have to hold back from cuddling them. I’d be sure to get a flea infestation.. My bus ended up being 2 hours late, so we had an even longer wait than planned. Luckily I had a sim card to call the driver and check he was definitely coming to get us!


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