Malaysia – KL round two


Today I went back to the char siu restaurant in Jalan pulu Hulu and had some char siu, crispy pork and veg. It was so delicious and I enjoyed every bite! I had to uber there as I had no means of getting there otherwise, it’s really cheap too.

I went to Pavillion again to find a washbag and then watched Conjuring 2 in the cinema. Afterwards I walked to klcc which has air con pathways that I hadn’t found before.

At klcc it was unbelievably packed, so many locals were hanging out there. I was surprised because the other malls were not as busy! I assumed that most of the locals here were not local to KL as all of them were taking selfies In front of stupid billboards and shops. I had a nice stroll around the park and then ubered back to the hotel.

That evening we tried to find a herbal soup place as I was coming down with a cold, but we were too late. So we walked to Jalan alor and ate some marmite ribs, chicken wings, bakuteh and veg.

It was a nice break again to KL although it is limited on what you can do if you don’t want to shop


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