Malaysia – Cameron Highlands, Jungle trek 9B


After having another roti breakfast, I set out on another jungle trek. We had heard that 9 is a nice trek as it is easy, takes around 1 hour and the view of the tea plantation was good.

To get to the start you have to walk past the bus station, a school and Mardi and then there is a sign for the Robinson Falls. The path immediately goes on a small path to the left, don’t go straight on as it leads to nothing. You will hear the running water of the falls, and see the beginning of it on the right.

I found the beginning of this path really easy, there’s a path with a sign for path 8, and you have a nice view of the waterfall. We then came across the split in the path, on the right is 9A and on the left is 9B. 9A looked like it was going down quite steep and on the left it looked quite easy. So we took the easy way.

At first it was straight forward, with a clear path and sometimes I had to climb over a tree or duck below. On one side it was a cliff so you had to step carefully at some parts so you don’t fall down. There’s also some overgrowth of plants you have to walk through.

However, at one point the path just ended because there had been a landslide. Across the other side I could see foot prints so I thougt it would be ok to walk across the mud. I got so far but then my foot just sunk down really far and I couldn’t pull it out! My other foot then started sinking and I worried at first that I would continue to sink down so I stopped moving. Luckily I could get one foot out and I balanced on a sinking stick, and had to dig my other foot out the mud! My friends held out a stick for me to pull myself out and I managed to get myself onto safe ground. I was just completely covered in clay mud and it was hilarious afterwards.

To get across we walked down the bank a bit and then crossed the mud where there were some large sticks there you could balance on. The path then became clear again, but it was a little trickier from then on. We eventually came to this waterhole, which wasn’t the right way but another landslide had blocked the path again. It was lucky because we came out onto a farm and were able to get onto the road by heading down and right.

If you turn rght at the bottom of the road you will come across a bee farm, where you can try some amazing honey. There’s also a beautiful orchid farm, with some beautiful patterns on the petals. This road also leads back to Tanah Rata passing a tea plantation view point.

We decided to head left to go to Boh Tea Plantation, which was a nice 3.5KM away… In the sun and it being uphill and on the road, it was difficult but we powered through. Once at the entrance of the tea plantation, we had 2km to go until the view point. It was really pretty walking through as there were some amazing flowers and the plantation itself is really nice.

The view point is a short walk up some steps and at the top there are some benches where you can sit down and enjoy the view. The cafe sells exactly the same stuff as the popular tea plantation, but this one is nice because there are less tourists.

Luckily we managed to hitch a ride back with a kind Indian woman, which I was so happy about as it was 14km back to Tanah Rata. I had a yummy chicken tikka dinner and chilled for the rest of the day as I was exhausted!


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