Malaysia – Cameron Highlands, Rafflesia tour


To be able to see the world’s biggest flower unfortunately you have to book a tour. It cost me 60RM for a half day and you have to ask around the different tours because some have found the flower and others haven’t. The one I went to was next to the Indian restaurants and Starbucks, and the guy selling me the ticket was straight up with me and told me that the village we see is modern and the blowpipe is nothing special either. I was glad he was straight up with me as I didn’t get my hopes up!

I was picked up at 8.45am and driven to another town to head into the jungle. The flower grows in hotter climate than Cameron Highlands so you have to drive down the mountain in order to find it. It took about 45mins in the car and parked up on a muddy road.

The walk took around 1 hour or so, and it was a much denser jungle than the hikes I had done before. When we got to the first flower it was at it’s last stage of it’s bloom so it was broken and not as brightly coloured. There were many buds here but the flower takes 8 months to bloom and then they die 7 days afterwards. Some tourists had touched the live ones which had killed them really quickly.

We then walked to another site further in the jungle to check on a bud which was just about to bloom any day now. Unfortunately today was not my day and all I saw was the biggest bud , even that was impressive enough I can’t imagine what it’s like when it’s fully bloomed!

As we had seen the flowers so quick, our guide took us on a jungle path off the beaten track (quite literally!). So much so, we were told to check our feet for leeches as our vibrations would stir them up. It was quite difficult at times as the path wasn’t clear and we were wading through the bushes. I saw so many bugs it freaked me out haha.

we then went to the village and blow pipe and as expected it was total rubbish. I was told however, that on trail 9 there were some tribal people living in there and I had passed the wooden stairs to their house.

The rest of the day I relaxed as I was knackered..




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