Malaysia – Cameron Highland, Path 1


Turns out in Cameron Highlands there are many jungle treks you can do free of charge and without a guide. I had a look at the map of the area which outlines all the treks and decided on trek number 1 which starts off at the next town Brinchang.

After breakfast (which was a delicious Roti with strawberries) I took a taxi, with 3 other people who I had met on the bus yesterday, to Brinchang for 10RM. It didn’t take too long, but was too far to walk without being tired before we’d even started the trek!

I’d asked the taxi driver to drop us off at the beginning of the path which had a sign in yellow confirming this was path 1. It was a normal road to begin with, and then there was a sign which too us off the road and onto a little path. We were unsure if it was the correct way to go, especially when it seemed like the path had finished but it had just washed away.

I really loved this trek, it was a proper jungle trek where you had to climb up and down tree roots, ducking under branches and holding onto ropes to pull yourself up. It was similar to the treks I had done in Laos and much less slippery, but we were lucky it hadn’t rained. It was weird too because the roots and moss made the floor quite soft and it would compress down as you walked (better to see in real life than describe, it was weird ok).

The views nearer the peak were really amazing, the peak itself was a bit of an anticlimax as there was no view and you are next to some satellite dishes. There is a tower you can climb up to get the proper view and wow it is amazing. The mountains just go on and on, so beautiful!

We then walked further down the road, happy that there was not a jungle path to get back down, to the Moss forest. Here it’s like a canopy walk, it’s not too mossy and could be due to the season. Plus we had seen so much moss on the jungle walk… We did however walk past the canopy walk and onto another jungle track. Here after only a couple minutes did we come across the most amazing moss covered tree. It was just incredible, something you just couldn’t imagine. I wouldn’t recommend continuing on this path though as it leads to another peak some 2Km away.

Heading on we continued down the road to the tea plantation, it was really scenic and had an amazing view at the cafe. Here I enjoyed a well earned Cameron tea and a sausage roll because we had skipped lunch. There’s a factory there too which you can walk around, you really don’t need to wait for the free tour because one you can’t hear anything, and two all the information is written on some boards. We waited about 5 mins for the tour which lasted about 2mins…

We then walked back down the road to the main road, from there we took a taxi for 8rm to get back to Brinchang for dinner. Here there was the famous steamboat dish which is basically a hotpot. SO GOOD THOUGH. I thoroughly enjoyed the massive plates of veg, especially the mushrooms, I love the mushrooms. It came with a lot of fish too and noodles. We were all so full at the end and it cost us 20RM each which is a bit steep but I think it’s good to try the local specialities.

Afterwards we got a taxi back to Tanah Rata and chilled out for the rest of the evening.


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