Malaysia – Melaka, bus & Jonkor street


I left the KL flat around 8.30am and went to go have some breakfast noodles with Aunty even though I wasn’t too hungry. We then drove to TBS, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, which took half an hour but we couldn’t find any parking. Seriously, the Malays just park wherever, they really don’t care haha. I was hoping to catch the 11.30am bus but didn’t think I’d make it as I was only dropped off at 11.15!

I had read online that buses to Melaka on the weekends are really packed and you should reserve in advance, but it’s all just fear mongering. When I got there there were many counters and when it was my turn I asked for the next bus to Melaka, and lo and behold, there was a space free on the 11.30am bus, only 11RM too. The terminal is so small that it took no time to get to the gate, and it was so seamless I thought there must be a catch.

The journey took 2 hours, and was the most comfortable bus journey I’d ever been on in my travels so far. To get to the centre of Melaka you need to walk down to the domestic bus departures and search for bus 17. There were a few tourists waiting for this bus too so I knew it was the correct one. It got quite full but I managed to get my bag on and a seat, and no fear of when to get off as there was a huge loudspeaker and everyone gets off. You’re surrounded by red buildings too, so there’s no way you can miss it.

I decided to stay at Jalan Jalan, which was close to Jonker street. It took around 5 mins to walk there with the help of maps me, I was going to look at other places but it was so hot I just accepted the first room they had. It cost 20RM for a female ensuite dorm, 18Rm for the mixed normal dorm. What was weird was that my dorm was actually in a building further down the road so it felt a little isolated, especially as no one was there when I got in.

Luckily for me I met a wonderful Taiwanese girl who so happened to be staying in my dorm too. We decided to walk round all the surrounding streets and came across many historical buildings. It’s so easy to walk around and discover rather than follow a route, there are also some fancy tuk tuks who can take you around if you are short for time.

I found the cathedral not too interesting looks wise as it was quite in ruins, and weirdly all the grave stones had been put inside. I found it more fascinating that there are Christian ruins made by the Europeans in now what is a very Muslim country.

For lunch I ate some chicken rice, at a restaurant by the roundabout at the start of Jonkor street. There was a huge queue so I knew it had to be good! It didn’t take too long to get in and for two people they just give you half a chicken and 5 rice balls, all for 30RM (I also got a lime drink). The chicken was really tasty, and it was good to dip the rice into the chicken juice.

Later that evening, there was the famous Jonkor street market where they sell all sorts of tat and food. The food is all imports and really expensive so I wasn’t too impressed. All I got was some Nyonya sweets because I knew they were local. Nearer the top away from Dutch square there are some food stalls. I really didn’t know what to eat, panicked and ordered a prawn mee soup which was spicy as hell, had no prawns and tasted so fishy. I really didn’t like it but ate it anyway because I didn’t want to waste.

Near the food stalls is also a show on a stage, but when we walked past it was just old people sitting down. Maybe they needed a rest or actually the show was just that boring.

For dessert we went to restaurant 88 which looked like it had some good food inside, which I was annoyed about as I could’ve eaten there. Still, I ordered a ice kachang which I hadn’t had yet in Malay. It cost around 5RM and was as weird as I remember with the sweetcorn and kidney beans at the bottom.

We were very lucky that evening as the people we shared a table with for dessert started talking to us and turned out to be Chinese Malays from KL. They were so friendly and we ended up drinking some beers with them. I don’t even like beer but these people were so kind so I couldn’t refuse. I always find it crazy how I always think to myself that I will meet no one on my travels, yet I seem to always come on top and meet some amazing new friends.


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