Malaysia – Melaka, cycling, ocean


For breakfast I went full blown Chinese and had dim sum at the end of the street of the hostel just off Jalan Hang Kasturi Second Cross street. It was filled with Chinese people, so again I knew it had to be good!

The Taiwanese girl and I got a table and then some waiters come round with a tray and you just take what you want, we got some prawn dumplings, pork, siu mai, some fried… lots basically.. We also got the pork sticky rice which was absolutely delicious, and some cooked beef rice which wasn’t as great. The bao also wasn’t amazing but it could’ve been because I was so stuffed I couldn’t eat anymore. In total we had about 10 dishes and tea and it only cost 28RM. I can’t believe how cheap it is here!

I then rented a bicycle today from the hostel for 5RM, it was a bit of a shit bike but it was cheaper than on the street and was for the whole day. We stopped off first on this nearby street which had some really cool paintings on the wall, some Chinese tourists were also there and took so many pictures of us. It was hilarious. We then cycled past the main town and go see the see view. On the same side of the canal as Jonkor street, the view isn’t that great. Yes seeing the sea is nice, but it seems like they are reclaiming land or making it more sandy so there were huge ships. There’s also no beach, just a wall of stones.. I did see a huge lizard though! Just further down there was a whole bordered off section and I had a peep and saw all these old boats that just looked broken and rusty like a skeleton. I found out this was the ship’s graveyard.

Then we cycled back across to Dutch Square and with the traffic followed it round to the shopping district. We were trying to reach the mosque which is on an island, as we had seen pictures and it looked really pretty. Unfortunately cycling round Melaka is just not easy, there are one way roads everywhere and we couldn’t figure out a nice way to cycle there without being surrounded by cars. I did come across a Tim Ho Wan though and was so tempted even though I’d eaten dim sum for breakfast…

We eventually got onto the island, where there is nothing there and all looks to be in development for some huge complex. Maybe in 5 years there will be some people there! We cycled round and came to the mosque. It really is beautiful, it reminded me of Santorini pictures where you have the white buildings against the blue sea and sky. I couldn’t go inside as I wasn’t dressed appropriately but I actually think they give you robes to wear anyway. I enjoyed walking around the outside anyway as it was so pretty.

Cycling back was a bit easier once we’d figured it out, but still it was nice to get rid of the bikes and walk again. I got some cendol on Jonkor street which was 3.5RM and sooo good in the heat, I also had a pineapple drink which was just pineapple chunks in some water… not so good.

I then said goodbye to my friend and took a walk along the canal side. The walk took so much longer than expected as it went so far, but it was so lovely. There are paintings on the buildings and flowers and bridges. There were some people jogging and I was tempted to join in. I thought it was a really nice way to spend the last bit of the sunshine in the cooler temperature. There are boats that will show you the canal but are quite costly, plus the walk is healthier haha.

For dinner I had a simple won ton mee and another cendol because I’m a pig like that. It was cheap..


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