Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Haian Chicken rice


This was the last day I was with my friends before they headed off on their own journeys. We started the day off by lounging by the pool, and eating some fruit and drinking fruit juice.

We then went to go eat at Jalan 17/29 at a restaurant called Sin Loon for some Haianese Chicken rice. It was super delicious and we got some Char Siu too so that was a great bonus, I didn’t want to be too piggy as we were sharing the meat dishes but it was so tasty and I probably ate more than my share… We also had some rojak but I find it a bit too weird to enjoy (basically it’s fruit with plum sauce and some crispy bits).

As the traffic is so terrible we headed off to the airport at 5pm, for the 11pm flights! It meant we could eat some food before sending them on their way. I think the express train is much faster and cheaper than a taxi. I was really sad to see them go as it was a piece of home away from home, I was also made to feel so welcome at their Aunty’s place which I was so grateful for.

I enjoyed one last evening in comfort before heading off in the morning.


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