Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves & banana leaf restaurant


As the family had left the night before we went back to touristy stuff, first up was Batu Caves. I had been told these were really awesome so I was so geared up for it, and when we arrived I loved the grand entrance with the huge statue.

It was boiling hot today so to get up the 200 steps was a bit of a mission, and as I was wearing shorts I had to pay 3RM for a sarong to wrap around me. I was a little annoyed at this because men were wearing shorter shorts than me and I had just forgotten to bring my own sarong, it felt like they were just trying to get money.

The climb up took a while and there were a few monkeys that I always try to avoid, I hate wild monkeys in tourist places! They are always so aggressive and try to steal your stuff..

At the top I was a bit disappointed as it wasn’t a grand cave and the Hindu temples inside were also really small, needless to say we didn’t spend a long time there! On the way down we saw another cave where you have to pay for a tour. I assume it’s a really cool cave because of the wildlife, but I wasn’t really up for walking round a huge pile of bat shit for 45mins.

Once we had finished walking around we headed to a popular Indian restaurant where we could eat a special Banana leaf dish on Jelan Telawi3. As we got in I had to quickly choose my food and I had no idea what to order! So i got some plain rice and chicken… A real banana leaf was put in front of us and then some fried veg, spiced cabbage and sauce were first put on. They came and put the rice on next, and finally out came the chicken masala. Luckily I had a mango lassi to help with the spice …  I have to say this was a most delicious meal, I’m quite happy I’m getting into Indian food as I feel like I’m missing out. I didn’t eat with my hands though, I’m not skilled in that area yet.

That evening we went to Desa park city, a nice modern complex with a park, to walk Aunty’s dog. It’s such a nice place to walk around, and in the evening they have such pretty lights. For dinner we had Alamy’s burger, Rebecca’s request, and it was rank… burger stands will never taste nice!

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