Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Central market


Many of my friend’s family came to visit them today and we decided to go see the Petronas Towers in KLCC. There we ate some food in the food court, I had a dosa set meal at the Indian stand for 15RM and it was so good! I’d never had it before but the dips were sweet and spicy and really delicious.

Outside there were many family pictures taken in front of this fake fruit stand which made me laugh. Then there were more pictures taken of the towers.

We then headed to central market which is just a tourist place full of souvenirs. It’s great if you are on a short holiday and would like to buy gifts for everyone but for me there was nothing I needed. As the central market is next to China town, we had a walk through there where Durian puffs were bought for everyone, and herbal longan drinks.

Before dinner, I went to a Cheongsam shop where there were really cheap traditional Chinese dresses. I was rushed but I managed to find a modern style dress for only 170RM which also included alterations. There were so many amazing dresses here, but I felt that the buy one get one free rack was a bit rubbish. I never realised that you could get such cheap dresses out here and I was happy I was able to get one after not having one made in Vietnam.

Afterwards we headed to a Nyonya restaurant and there was so much ordered! There was a huge dish of fish head curry, some fried squid, fried eggplant, stinky bean, tofu, vegetables and more. I really loved meeting this family, they were all so generous and kept paying for everything so we had to fight with them to pay for the meal. I think it is a very Chinese Malay trait where they all fight to pay for you!

Back at the flat we ate some more fruit and some homemade Malay jelly which has a hard texture and had lychees inside, so yummy and full.





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