Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Lagoon Waterpark


We had booked buy one get one free tickets online last night for the waterpark, so we had some fruit for breakfast and then headed off. It took 30mins to drive there from TTDI, and we got there around 12pm. Normal tickets cost 150RM but we were so happy to have paid just 75RM each because it made it even more awesome! The park is absolutely massive, there’s rollercoasters and animals alongside the waterpark which turned out to be huge itself. The large locker cost 43RM which fit 4 peoples worth of stuff in and you have a scanner bracelet where you can add money and go cashless for the day.

I felt very exposed at first because all the women were covered up and only a few other girls had bikinis on, but I quickly got over it and enjoyed the day. As it was ramadan and a weekday there weren’t many Malaysians there so we didn’t have to queue long at all for any ride. Most rides are for two people and they don’t let single people ride alone, which is annoying if you don’t have an equal number of people.

There were slides where you can race each other, some have big rings for up to 6 people and at the small wave pool there’s lots of pop music to dance to and people dancing on stage. It’s a whole lot of fun. The main wave pool only goes off at 3pm and my god they were huge! It seems as though there’s been a few difficulties with safety though as there’s only one wave per 3 mins or so and you’re not allowed to be deep. By the large wave pool there was a body boarding wave pool but it seemed too difficult and my bikini bottoms would have fallen off. There’s also a 5D ride which was hilarious and would have been even better if my 3D glasses had worked so I could scream like everyone else there.

When we thought we had exhausted the waterpark we decided to walk and go see the Nickalodeon part which we thought would be a kiddy section. On the way there was a paintball shooting bar where you could fire a few rounds, and next to it was a trampoline bungee which was fun. Further down there was an archery stand and I was terrible. Once we reached the “kiddy” section we were surprised to see even more slides for adults as well as kids.

I went down a kamikazee one where you stand on a ledge and there’s a count down inside and then the floor gives way and you just drop. This was quite a nice ride as you are given boards to put on your back so it’s really seamless.

It was a shame that all the rapid rides were closed but as it wasn’t busy we were able to try every single other waterslide there.

On the way out we decided to go into the scream park, which was terrifying and we basically ran through screaming which was probably hilarious for the workers.

That evening we ate in the mall next to the waterpark, I had a nesi lemak and cendol, wasn’t the best but it was still really good. We had to kill some time at the mall before going back to the flat, due to traffic and once back I totally crashed out.

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