Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, TTDI


Unfortunately this morning I wasn’t feeling very well, so I had a little breakfast at the hotel and then rested until I had to check out at 1pm. By check out I was feeling a little better and managed to head out to a pharmacy in Times Square Mall, and had a look around. I was pleased I managed to see it because in this mall there is an indoor theme park, and so many more shops than I expected. I found a really yummy won ton char siu restaurant which was really cheap, and then I was able to have a look at the many independant shops. I love how each mall is so different! I didn’t actually go into the theme park as I was alone, but it only cost 55RM, and looked really empty and fun. Maybe at weekends it’s a lot busier.

That afternoon I had to get to TTDI as I was going to stay there for the rest of the week with my friends and their aunty. To get there I decided to Uber it as I was told a metered taxi would cost 40RM+ whereas the Uber was only 29RM. When it came it was the funniest small battered car driven by a large Chinese guy, completely different to the Prius that Uber drivers use in London. It took 50mins to get there due to traffic and I was so happy to arrive as I hadn’t seen my friends for a while.

For dinner we headed to a market called Medan Selera SS2, where there is a food court and we all took our time to look around and pick out some dishes. I chose to have herbal chicken soup with rice, and some veg. On the table we also had some cheung fun and other delicious malay dishes which I can’t remember the name. Everything was all cheap and most dishes were around £1 so you can really try everything. We were all so stuffed and really satisfied with the food.

There’s a huge market that runs outside the food court, with so much fruit! I love the fruit here, it’s just so fresh and delicious. I’m really really enjoying and loving the food in KL as you can probably tell.  I got some mango, dragon fruit, papaya and mangosteen. Then we headed back to the flat to eat some more..

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