Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Char siu


I didn’t get up to much today, a proper rest day! What I did do though was go to a special char siu restaurant on Jalan Pudu Hulu. It was so busy when I got there, and sat at a dirty table just to get a seat!

I ordered some char siu and some yam belly pork with rice and veg. It didn’t take long to come and with my first bite I realised why this is a famous place, an so busy. There is a lot of fat still on the pork and it just melts in your mouth, it reminded me of the fat on wagyu beef in japan. Very delicious but also very sickening and filling. I, of course, stuffed my face and in the end was taking off the fat as it was just too much. I fel so full andsick and made sure to drnik lots of hot tea to wash down the grease. Any weight I’d lost in Laos was definitley being gained again here haha.

When I was leaving I was told that on a weekend you had to be at the restaurant at 9.30am for chicken, and then 11am for the belly pork as soon after everything is sold out!

The food actually didn’t really agree with my stomach and I felt ill for a while, and needed a couple toilet breaks. I went to go drop off a friend at the airport, and luckily felt fine on the way back.

It cost me 55RM to get a train to KL Sentral, and there was really awesome wifi. It then cost me 3.10RM to get the mono rail back to the hotel. It was all very smooth and I got back just fine. Unfortunately it was raining, and the hotel pool was outside so I skipped it and chilled drinking Cameron highland tea and watching films.


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