Malaysa – Kuala Lumpur, KLCC mall


I tried out another mall today and went to KLCC, mainly because there is some super yummy Garretts popcorn there… This mall is much more affordable but again I was surprised as it had ever sore imaginable. There’s shops from Korea, Hong Kong, UK and America, a proper shopping mecca. I had lunch at the food court, some pretty tasty chicken and rice which was relatively cheap. I had a nice walk around, but again I didn’t want to buy anything apart from the popcorn so I enjoyed it while sitting outside by the lake.

Just behind me wich I ddn’t notice at first was the Petronas Towers, which look really awesome! Weird that my scenary changed from tall mountains to tall buildings..

I then walked back to Pavilion mall to have another bubble tea and then watched a film, it was such a home comfort to be in a cinema again and it really made me miss home. I’m finding KL so much like the UK, even the food is reminding me of China town!

That evening I went back to Jalan Alor, hadsome marmite ribs, bbq chicken wings, veg and rice. Again, really delicious. I really wanted some cendol but I was just too stuffed, another time!


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