Malaysia – Kuala Lumpar, China Town


After my serious plane catching the night before I had a super long lie in and really enjoyed the comforts of the Furama hotel.

For lunch I headed out to china town which was further than I thought and took nearly half an hour to walk there. I came across the goods market first and then turned down a street to see some food stalls, one of which was my favourite Singaporean meat and I got myself a couple of slices for 12RM.

Just a bit further down I saw a food court, and I had some char siu and duck rice with some veg and a sour plum drink, it was really tasty and only cost around £3. After eating I needed some things from the pharmacy and I was really pleased how cheap and easy it is to stock up on supplies here!

At the pharmacy the woman working there told me there was a free bus, on the purple line that would take me to the Pavilion mall. It only took abuot 10mins to get there, and I was really happy I didn’t have to walk there.

The Pavilion mall was so surprisingly good! I never thought of KL as a mecca for shopping, there were a lot of fancy shops here, most of which I would never be able to afford. It was such a culture shock going from a place where people were content with what they already had and were completely self sufficient, to a place of consumerism. I couldn’t really grasp that KL was almost the same as London where people just buy things for no reason,  I had learnt to really appreciate what I had while travelling Laos but here you really get sucked into feeling like you need more than what you have. I felt a bit heartbroken that I so quickly changed to being materialistic again, I’m still much much better than before but it’s still so saddening how you change to fit in with your surroundings.

I didn’t buy anything but I definitely thought about it! Instead I indulged in a bubble tea at Cha Time and then that evening I headed to Jalan Alor, the ultimate food street. It was only a quick 5 min walk there from Pavilion, and I was so happy to walk down and see what was on offer. Annoyingly cars are allowed down this road, but once you can avoid them you can take in the small food stalls on the one side selling desserts, peanuts, corn and other random foods, and the other side where you can sit down and order from the menu. I headed all the way down before I randomly picked a restaurant to sit at. I had some pork herbal soup which was delicious, I’m currently loving the food here!



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