Laos – Vang Vieng, Rock Climbing


I got up super early to get ready, go have breakfast at this restaurant which gave me the biggest plate of muesli, fruit and yoghurt and the best banana shake I’d tasted! I then headed off to Adam’s rock climbing, there was only 2 of us and we went in a tuk tuk not too far away and then walked through the fields and some jungle type landscape, climbing on rocks and getting muddy.

We then came across the rock that we were to be climbing on for the day. We had been given some shoes, a harness and a helmet. I felt really safe the whole time. In the morning I did 3 climbs, the first one I found tricky as you had to really manoeuvre around the rocks, the second I found really easy as it was straight up and then the third was so tricky. I had to unclip the rope from the rock and the path was so taxing. I fell down a couple times but persevered and managed to get to the top. The 4th climb was much too difficult for me, I couldn’t get myself up the rock at all and cut my finger in the process. I had to give up after trying 5 times. In the afternoon more people joined and it was nice to sit back and watch them as well as tackle some more climbing. In total I did 6 full climbs, which was totally awesome. I did a couple hard ones and needed help while doing them but I’m so pleased I managed to complete them. I think my guide was also impressed! I was also taught how to belay and did that a few times too. I thought it was such a brilliant day and was knackered afterwards. I had a rest and then had some pork and rice for dinner which was basic but good and then headed back to the room to sleep.


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