Laos – Vang Vieng


I had a bus to catch for Vang vien at 1pm so I went out to eat at a local restaurant. I just came across this duck place and had some duck and rice. It’s no Cantonese duck but it tasted pretty good! And only for 20,000kip which is just over £2…

The bus journey took longer than the scheduled 3 hours no surprise there, and the view was just stunning. I loved the drive to Vang Vieng, there was such lush greenery and mountains. We were driving round one and the roads were winding round. Inside the bus the driver was playing local music and there was a karaoke video to accompany it. It was so hilarious, there were two girls dancing bad choreography not in time with each other, wearing ridiculous clothes and a man just singing beside them.

Once I arrived I headed straight to book my rock climbing and then went to go find somewhere to stay. I didn’t want to stay at the central backpackers as it was right next to the infamous Sakura bar and I knew I’d get no sleep there. Instead I’m staying at a half fallen down guest house in a cheap private room, where the toilet door doesn’t close and there’s cockroaches haha. At least there’s no drunk people waking me up in the middle of the night!

I then had a walk around town and found a decent restaurant to eat in, and tried to enjoy a free drink from the bar but it was so disgusting I took a sip and gave up. I was happy to have an early night!


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