Laos – Vang Vieng, Blue Lagoon & view point


I got up early to check out my room and then had breakfast at the same place as yesterday. I then headed out with Julie and Marine on a bicycle, we rented them for 15,000 each from a small place and the woman pumped up the tires beforehand. We cycled towards the blue lagoon, and to get across the bridge you have to pay 10,000.. Once over the views just got better and better. It was a really beautiful day and I was pleased I could take in the scenery at such a slow pace.

We got to a village and there was a big yellow sign for the view point. When you cycle down a bit further you have to pay another 10,000 to go up to the top. This climb was about 1km and it was so tough. It was completely uphill and I had to climb up some rocks and large steps, it was a bit slippery too so it was more difficult. I challenged myself to get up as quick as possible which was a bit stupid as I was dripping with sweat. The view was just fantastic! It was worth every drop of sweat, never been so happy to see the stunning views.

Coming down was quite difficult as it was slippery, but got down without too much more sweat… We then headed off to find food and the blue lagoon.

For lunch we stopped at a voluntary area which also served food, the people here work for the community to help the poorer villages gain better education. I thought it was a nice setting but the food took forever to come and it was way too spicy to eat. I didn’t really enjoy my experience there too much..

The blue lagoon was only a short ride away and it was so busy! I also had to pay 10,000 entry and then another 3000 to park my bike. The lagoon was nothing spectacular and it wasn’t even blue. The water was freezing cold but I was happy to have a dip as I was so sweaty. I didn’t jump in as there were people just near missing each other. If it was quieter I may have done it. There is also a cave there which I had to spend another 10,000 to borrow a head light. It’s a bit ridiculous all these charges… To get to the cave is more steps, it was not easy after the hike we’d just done. It was a short hike up though which was nice. Inside the cave is awesome, you really need the head light. I could have explored for so long but we didn’t want to cycle back in the dark and also I had made it across so many rocks but came across the biggest spider and really didn’t want it to move so I chickened out and headed back. It’s just amazing in there, a real exploration. With more time you can really have a look around. I really loved the moss growing on the rock by the light source.

The journey back was just as delightful as the way there, the landscape is just incredible.

I had a shower, which I had to pay 10,000 for, in the most disgusting bathroom ever at vieng vilay. It was just dirty and everything was broken. I just kept telling myself to be grateful for the hot water and towel. They were kind though to let us chill outside the guesthouse before and after dinner before we had to catch the bus. I was just so


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