Cambodia – Siem Reap Ankor Wat Small circuit


I had got myself a tuk tuk to share with another girl from my dorm to go see the temples for 15$.

We had to wake up at 4am to head out at 4.30am, I was knackered but made it out. It was nice and cool on the tuk tuk to go to the ticket booth. There, there were many different desks to buy tickets to see the temples, above each desk there was a sign saying 1 day 20$ or 3 day 40$. You had to make sure you were standing in the correct line as it got busy really quick and some people had to join the back of the queue to get the correct pass. Luckily I arrived so early that I was at the front of the queue, they took my picture and gave me my 3 day pass. I then got back onto the tuk tuk and he took us to Angkor Wat to see the sunrise.

There were quite a few people heading there and I was worried it would be packed, I’d heard that so many people head there in the morning. Luckily as it was chucking it down the day earlier, I think many people were put off from seeing the sunrise so it really wasn’t too bad! The sunrise wasn’t amazing and I saw better in Bagan, but the reflection in the water is a nice touch. The right lake is less busy and better as you can’t see the construction as its covered by the tree. I took way too many pictures…
> In front of the temple many monks and nuns were there praying and having their photo taken, I’m not sure if it was a ceremonial thing or a holy day but it was nice to see so many.

The temple itself has some beautiful carvings in the stone, I think it was the best out of all of them. It’s so big and really well preserved which I read is because of the moat. It’s definitely a nice start to the temple tour.

After this temple I headed for breakfast near the Bayan temple, it was expensive and not great but I didn’t really have a choice.

Ideally it is better to take the short circuit anti clockwise to avoid the crowds but as it wasn’t too busy to begin with, it was fine.

I really loved the Bayon temple and the many pillars of heads. The grounds surrounding have many other things to seeĀ  and it was fun exploring around Ankor Thom.

There were some men who said they were students and give you some information about the area but then they ask for money. I knew this would happen so I tried to steer him away but he still kept talking. I saw some girls part with money when they could have just said no. I had no idea if the money would go straight into their pocket or to the school they mentioned.

The next temple I visited was Ta keo which is an unfinished temple. Not to far away was Ta Nei which I’m not actually sure I visited………

My favourite temple was of course Ta Prohm, the tomb raider temple. It has so many trees growing into the walls which made it so majestic. I properly felt like I was Lara Croft and all the small doorways and rubble really reminded me of the game. It’s crazy how the trees have grown on top of the brick with all the roots heading down, I loved looking at it.

I think the final temple I saw was pre rup which was a bit of a climb to the top but was nice and cool once there.

It was around 12.30pm when I had finished the short tour, my tuk tuk driver asked if I wanted any lunch but considering the quality and price breakfast was I decided to eat once back. I was completely knackered, and the heat was starting to rise. As the day before had been so rainy it meant it was cooler today, so I wasn’t too hot while walking around. Plus it was less dusty on the roads and more muddy.

I almost fell asleep on the tuk tuk back! And chilled out for the rest of the day as I was so tired. I had lunch in the market in a local place which was really delicious but the staff were so not bothered that they had customers. I had another quick look around the market but decided it was too hot and I wanted to sort out the next part of my trip.

I had met another couple of nice people and we went to the night market together. After that I was seriously tired and went to bed early like the grandma that I am!

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