Cambodia – Arriving in Siem Reap


I arrived in Siem Reap in the afternoon, at the airport I ran off the plane to get into the visa queue. I had filled all the info on the plane so I quickly handed my passport to the guy along with 30$ and he told me to wait in another queue to pick up my passport. They call out your name rather than had back passports in chronological order and mine had been called out and I didn’t even notice. The process was very quick but there is a huge queue to get one and I may have had to wait longer if I had not rushed to the front.

Before handing in my passport at immigration I had to fill out the visa number on the arrival card. Luckily there wasn’t a huge queue as it would have been annoying to queu twice for immigration!

My bag came quick and there was a tuk tuk waiting for me at the exit. It was pouring down with rain so I was really pleased I had bought a rain cover for my bag in Japan! My tuk tuk had no side covers to block the rain so I was getting pretty wet..

I’m staying at The Siem Reap Hostel which is really nice, I have a really high top bunk but it’s all very clean and friendly. As it was still pouring with rain, all I managed to do was walk around the surrounding area and see pub street . It seems very safe here as it is completely geared towards tourists. As it is like that most restaurants are quite expensive, but if you search hard enough there’s some local gems which sell dishes for 2$.

There’s a lot of elephant pants and typical tourist stuff in the market, really good for souvenirs! There is also a food market, which is fun to look at.

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