Thailand – Bangkok, Khaosan Road


I arrived in Bangkok around 3pm, I was lucky enough to have a private driver cause I ball like that ha… He picked me up and took me to the hotel in khao San road called Rikka inn. It took a while and I was so knackered from not sleeping the night before so I was tempted to have a nap, however food comes first!

On the road parallel to khao San road there were so many restaurants and I found one where most dishes were 50 baht! I got some pineapple fried rice and morning glory, which tasted so good, maybe tasted better because it was so cheap. Then further down the road there was a mango and sticky rice stall which cost 40baht! It was so delicious I so love this dish. Even further down there was a fruit shake stall which was also cheap and delicious. Theme going on here and it made me so happy to be in Thailand again.

That evening I rested up and then met up with a local and had a drink at a bar just outside the hotel. He then had another friend join us and we made our way to a rooftop bar. The bar was across the main road away from khao San and I could clearly see a temple in the background, a really nice view. More people turned up and they ordered a ton of sharing platters which was all really tasty, like fried tofu, chicken wings, prawn salad, and many other things. I also tried the local rum which wasn’t too bad! This meal was more expensive but it was a nice evening so it was worth it.

At night Khaosan road really glows, there are so many tourists here and the locals don’t like to hang out at this spot. I can see why, there’s a lot of drunk people and if you’re into the night life with cheap drinks then by all means this is the place for you. I’m not so keen but it is a convenient place to stay as there is easy access to food and drink. However, as my hotel is right on khaosan road it was like I had a live band in the room! Luckily I was so tired I fell asleep straight away.


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