Japan – Tokyo last day!


I checked out the love hotel in the morning, I was going to try and see the sumo wrestling but it’s a bit expensive and I was too lazy to get up early to get tickets…

During the day I had gone to shibuya again, and fell in love with Loft store which sold so many stickers and writing paper. I also ate yet another bowl of Ichiran ramen, which still tasted delicious and because I’d been so many times I knew the sheet off by heart and didn’t need an English one…

I then headed off to Ueno to buy a kitchen knife for my dad and had a quick wonder around. The knife shops are quite expensive but they are so well made and they engrave them too!

I went towards Akihabara, and saw many jewellery shops and there was one shop where you can buy grillz for your teeth for a small 1 million yen.. Next to this shop I went to a cafe to chill out, but it was so expensive! For dinner I ate the best curry udon which was at a stop near to Akihabara.

As my flight was 6am the next day, and there is no easy public transport after 9.30pm (there’s a bus but I had no where to wait for it) untl 6am, so I caught the last train to Narita. There at terminal 3 there were some large sofas so I slept on that. At terminal 2 there is a free bed area which is more friendly for people staying in the airport.

All in all my last day in Japan was relatively straight forward and chilled. I am so happy to say I have seen some of the best parts of Japan, yes some areas I could’ve spend less time but overall I really enjoyed it. Word of advice, if you want to see the history of Japan head to Takayama, Shirakawago, Kanazawa and Kyoto. As I had seen so many temples and old streets, I was underwhelmed when I reached these areas, but they are so rich with culture. There’s plenty of museums and background to these areas as they weren’t bombed in WW2.

Tokyo is crazy and if you spend a week there, that’s more than enough time to see everything at a quick pace. Osaka had awesome food and was a good hub for day trips, Namba was a lovely area but if it is just day trips then staying in Umeda might be better as it’s next to Osaka station.

Accomodation wise, it’s much better to stay in airbnb. I found the hotels not very nice and they all stank of cigarettes. I definitely recommend a stay at Koya San ,just dress warm, and definitely would recommend Kanja house in Shirakawago. They had the best food in all of Japan.

Japan isn’t expensive if you don’t make it, BUT if you’re like me and can’t help but buy everything then it will get more pricey. Food doesn’t have to be expensive, but you have to try the sushi and wagyu beef. Athough I am sick of it now, I did enjoy the food, just try to get fruit and veg from the market or supermarket as you can’t find it in the restaurants for cheap.

I was really knackered after this trip and I feel I need a holiday from the holiday!


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