Japan – Tokyo Love Hotel


So this evening in Tokyo, I decided to stay in a love hotel… It was cheaper to share a room there than go to a guest house or hotel! I knew Shinjuku, Kabuchico, quite well from our stay beforehand.

Earlier that day I had gone to Tokyo station to drop off my large backpack in a locker, and then went to Shibuya to stock up on some goods for backpacking at the Artbox shop. Had Ichiran ramen for lunch, yum yum, and then walked to Harajuku again.

It was dark by the time I had finished walking around so I headed to Shinjuku to find accomodation. I walked around for a while, and it took a while to find one I liked. If I’m honest at the beginning I felt really sleezy as the entrances are all concealed, but after a while it was fine. I enjoyed going in and see what was on offer.

To choose the room you look at the wall which has all the rooms with buttons and prices, when you want one that is available you press the button and take the ticket to the counter to pay.

The hotel I chose was La Festae, the room cost 10000 yen for the night and it looked so premium. I pressed the stay button on the wall next to the room picture, so I would have the room from 10pm until 11am. The other button is for hour rate so if you want a quick “break” during the day you don’t pay as much.

I gave the ticket to a really nice lady behind the counter, they only take cash here, maybe because people don’t like to be caught? I bet it’s just because Japan loves cash… The lady gave me my room key and I had to follow the red light. My room had the number lit up so I knew which one was mine.

Inside the room I was so surprised, it was amazing! The room was large, with a huge tv and dvd player. There was a really nice shower and jacuzzi bath tub which also had a tv, and a lovely vanity table which had a hairdryer and curling tongs. It was pure luxury! Also a little bit seedy, there was porn available on the large TV, and some condoms on the side table…

Have to say I had a really good nights sleep, and is a great option if you only need somewhere to stay for one night!

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