Japan – Takayama


Today I headed off to Takayama, I had my breakfast in Shirakawa-go which was delicious even if I find savoury food in the morning strange. Then I got on an hour bus, which cost SO MUCH 2300Y!

In Takayama I didn’t really know what to do and upon research I found there were some temples, museums and an old edo street. So basically exactly the same as everywhere else I’d been… Trying not to be too negative about it all I had a look at the old street as I do ejoy walking down them. Luckily I was able to borrow a bike from my hotel, but it was also not so good as I finished cycling around it in quick time. I had a look in a couple sake shops but it was 11am and I wasn’t up to trying any and you couldn’t actually see how it was made. The street itself was nice to be in, I think a stroll is better than a bike ride.

The other main thing was this float museum but at an entrance fee of 800Y I decided to give it a miss. I had a quick look at the temple which is right next door, and if I hadn’t have spent the past 3 weeks looking at temples I may have been more excited about it.

I had lunch in a curry rice place called Jakson, which was so rich it was too much for my liking even though it had rave reviews online. I then spent the rest of the afternoon cycling around and sleeping. There is an open air museum which would be awesome if I had not just come from Shirakawa-go which is basically what the museum is about. So all in all not much for me to do here.

In the evening I ate at Kyoyo which was a nice bbq higa beef place. I had a beef, chicken, pork and veg selection to grill at my table. It wasn’t overly expensive and I enjoyed both the food and experience. The beef just wasn’t as good as Shirakawa-go though, I’ve been spoilt.


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