Japan – Tokyo, Shibuya & Harajuku


Today we had a little lie in as I had read that shops don’t open until 11am. We got up and went to have breakfast in a cafe near to Shinjuku Station, just had some Gyoza which were super tasty.

I had also read online that there is a new metro pass which costs 1500Y for 3 days, you can buy these at the airport when you arrive or at any Bic Camera store. As we had forgotten to buy it at the airport we were lucky to get one at the camera shop, you must show your passport (which we did initially forget and had to return..) in order to get one.

Once our ticket situation was all sorted we headed straight down to Shibuya. We made sure to get a picture with Hachiko the famous loyal dog, and went straight across the famous crossing. At the Starbucks above the crossing, I managed to snap away at the large crowds crossing the road but I was somewhat dissapointed as I thought the crossing was much much bigger. We then headed down one road but we didn’t really see any shops, so luckily as we had a wifi dongle I was able to research as we walked. We did come across some detective themed cafe, which I assume was either anime or a game. Everyone outside was going crazy for these bubble gum style machines where for 300Y you could get a badge with an image of a character from the Detecttive thing. We found it really entertaining watching these young adults going loco for some badges.

Finally we came across 109 womens department store. It was full of Japanese clothing, from street wear to lolita cute, and there were 8 floors of it. I was loving walking around and just absorbing the typical Japanese fashion, and doing some serious people watching and checking out all the outfits of both the shop assistant and the general public. I saw a Liz Lisa which I had heard about through various blogs. Rudy goaded me into trying on a dress and I was hesitant at first but as soon as I had it on I really didn’t want to take it off. I felt so girly and pretty ha. The sales assistant was like “aaah kawaiii”. Unfortunatley the dress top combo cost 100 pounds!!! I was  not willing to spend so much on a cute dress that I could not possibly wear in the UK. Such a shame as the dress was so well made and fit perfectly.

It’s seriously the best place to experience the Japanese trends, I absolutely loved going up every floor and seeing what else they have in store. The only downside was that everything is one size only and I think they must have tiny teenagers in mind as I was too big to fit in any skirt I liked.

After that we had a quick look in Uniqlo which was a bit dissapointing as it was the same stuff and price as the UK. They did have more mens tshirts and suits but that’s about it. We then came across a whole ton of shops and small alley ways which was just behind the 109 department shop. By this time we were running out of time to see Harajuku so we had a quick window shop. There’s a lot of brands here that are in the UK but considering Uniqlo didn’t have anything special I really doubt the others would too.

Walking to Harajuku took some time, and we probably should have just taken the metro. There was nothing interesting to see on the way…. We did eat at an OK katsu curry place where again you have to put your order in through the machine.

Once at Harajuku I found a cosmetic shop and bought a ton of stuff as it was tax free with my passport. Then we headed to the famous Takeshita Street, where I definitely got a Camden spirit style of shopping. This street is just full of boutiques and seriou s quirk. Every shop had something new and interesting to offer, whether it was the decor or the items for sale. As it was quite late, I didn’t spend to long looking around and just wanted to get a feel of the area.

We managed to find the Togo shrine, but it was so dark we couldn’t really appreciate it, plus I read that the shrine to see is the Meiji one.

I think I was definitley killing Rudy as he was so jet lagged and had to put up with me going a little mad for the shops. I wanted to see everything and get everything ha. I let him rest a bit at the Pom Pom Purin themed cafe, and also made him buy a creamy drink so I could get a picture.

The highlight or most amusing part was randomly entering an upstairs food hall to find a toilet only to come across a Jpop gig and all the girls doing the same move to the music. It was so random and hilarious.

As the shops start to close at 8pm we started to head back and find some food. I wasn’t able to see everything I had hoped for so I definitely need to head back and try to see more crazy outfits.


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