Japan – Tokyo, Shinjuku & Kabuchiko


So after very long but comfortable flight I arrived in Tokyo Narita! Rudy met me at the airport and we got a bus to Tokyo Station for 1000Y, it took around 1 hour and then we had to get the red line to Shinjuku. I arrived around 9.30pm and we walked around 15mins to the airbnb flat.

Rudy had mentioned it seemed a bit seedy near our flat and I wasn’t too sure what he meant but I soon saw all the massage parlours and the women standing on the streets trying to get men to go in. There were also a lot of “sexy” dress up shops as well as porn shops. What we found out later was that we were staying next door to Kabuchiko, the infamous red light district! There are many love hotels, which are literally love making hotels so you can book a themed or non themed room by the hour or for overnight. They are actually very cheap so you could oversee the whole love theme and think of them as boutique hotels. As I walked through I saw more and more hotels, some looked pretty nice with an exotic jungle theme – Bali hotel, and some weird ones that looked like they would have dungeons or torture inside.

What was surprising is that there are also a lot of men standing around for clients to go inside the “bar”, and they all looked like Jpop stars. There’s also quite a few arcades where you can use the crane machine to pick up all sorts.

After dropping off my bag, we went to search for some food. It wasn’t hard to find somewhere as there are so many options! You can literally pick up any dish here and for a reasonable price too. We chose this corner restaurant which had a pig on the front, inside it looked really small but we were told to go upstairs. It was still pretty small but we got a couple seats. We were then directed to a vending machine thing, where we pu our money in and then select which dish we want. Each dish has a picture so it’s easy to guess what is what, and it turned out this restaurant is a ramen one. I chose pork in mine and it cost 650Y. The machine gave us a ticket and in turn we gave the ticket to the chef, and in two minutes we had the ramen in front of us. It was so delicious and I was pleased with the restaurant and food.

On the way back to the flat, I still stared at all the sex attractions noticing more crude items and entertainment. It was a busy area with both men and women so it could have a lot more to offer than just sex!

Shinjuku itself I didn’t see much but it just looked like offices and large chain shops. More impressive photowise! The station is absolutley massive though, and so difficult to navigate..


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