Japan – Tokyo, Fish Market, Robots, Imperial palace & swords


I woke up super early today to go to the fish market in Tsujiki, it took around 40 mins to get there from Shinjuku as the station is just too confusing…

Once there it was a quick walk to the outer market, which had a ton of fresh fish and condiments for sale. I really enjoyed walking around and checking out what each shop had to offer. It’s quite large and you can really immerse yourself into the busy fast paced market. I felt that this market was purely for tourists and I’m not sure if the prices had been hiked due to tourism.

I bought some matcha green tea, which compared with UK quality and price this was a steal at 1500Y for 200g. I also bought some green tea and pink noodles, as well as a green tea mochi and an origiri. Turns out I should really stop buying the weird stuff on the streets as I really don’t like a lot of it.

For breakfast we tried some fresh sushi at a restaurant we liked the look of, we ate around 9.30am and there was no queue, once we had finished eating there were a lot of people waiting for a table. As we are not the biggest sushi fans we decided to pick some to eat rather than eat a set meal. I’m not sure why I thought it would taste similar to the UK as straight away I could tell I was eating really good fish! The salmon was so fresh, as were the prawns. I did decide to be a little adventurous and get an octopus and crab nigiri as well as red tuna. These were … interesting.. The octopus was so hard to eat I couldn’t chew it, the crab had some weird sea poo paste on it and the red tuna almost made me gag. I was not going to give up though and ate as much as I could before I was full. For the whole plate of sushi we only paid 1500Y which is such a good price for premium sushi.

After food we headed to the inner market, which is closed to the public until 9am as actual trade goes on inside. I’m not sure where but I think the famous Tuna auction also happens here in the early hours. I loved looking around this market seeing the fishmongers cut up the huge chunks of tuna, the different seafoods, the workspace and the buggies. It really is big inside and I wish we had got there a little earlier so we could see more of it. By 10.30am they had already started to pack up and there wasn’t as much fish on show, it also meant that they had begun cleaning upwhich eans chucking buckets of water on the floor. My shoes were soaked..

Rudy really wanted to see a robot statue in Daiba, and as we were close by we took the new overground line there. It felt like going on the London DLR as it was self driven and went over te bridges along side the cars. I think I found this the most interestngin part of the robot journey…The robot itself was based on a cartoon character that I had never heard of. It was big and I do think it moves at certain times of the day but otherwise it was just like something out of disney land.

Next stop was the Imperial palace, which I didn’t realise until we arrived that you can’t actually go into the palace, only the East garden. Either way it was really nice walking around in some greenery and looking at pretty flowers. It has been restored massively and probably looks nothing like it use to. Free admission though so worth having a look

To finish the day, we went to Toraomon to find the sword shop. There they sell a vriety of samurai swords, antique and new. I couldn’t believe that it costs around 5000 pounds + for an antique sword, they are really beautiful though and if you are enthusiatic enough it would be a good purchase. Rudy took a look at a couple up close to see if he wanted to buy one, and they were really sharp!

To conclude the day I cooked up some vegetables wth some miso paste and the green tea noodles.


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