Vietnam, Nha Trang


We took it easy this morning and woke up and had a late breakfast at 8.30am. The food wasn’t as good as the food in the hotel in Ho Chi Minh, but I had a couple of pancakes, fruit and scrambled egg. This morning we decided to do some sight seeing around town. The first destination was the cathedral which on the map looked quite close… turns out it’s not that close when you consider the heat! I was completely sweating and finding it really hard to walk there even though it was 10am. The cathedral was nothing special in my opinion, it was nice to see but it just seemed like a French missionary took advantage of the French rule and built himself a house and place or worship using the locals money and skill. We then took a long stroll to the Long Son Pagoda, passing by the train station. On the way there I was really struggling in the heat, and decided I would not be walking anymore. The pagoda was like any other pagoda (sorry I have seen so many), there was a large buddha at the top and a large reclining one with some nice views so it’s good to see it. The taxi we took to the Cho Dam market drove us right the way around the town to charge us more money. This will forever annoy me! It’s not right that we get charged more for being tourists. The market itself is really large and fun to walk around and sold lots of knick knacks, most of it was the usual stuff you see at every market in SE Asia. I bought some jack fruit, and preceeded to be ripped off but I hadn’t had it before so didn’t mind. It’s pretty stinky though and I can smell it through my bag! I didn’t buy anything else as I know I can get this stuff another time. We headed back to the hotel to escape the heat for a bit before Sarou took us to a local restaurant for lunch. It’s speciality is a duck dish where the duck is cooked for hours with vegetables and herbs so create a soft meat and great soup. We ordered some rice noodles and veg to go with it. The whole duck was cooked in the pot so there was the head and the feet which the locals would be happy to eat but we were a little more weary. I’m really glad we were taken there as it was really delicious and I love a good soup! In total I paid 55,000D which is such a bargain. Once lunch was over I headed to the beach again to cool down, and I was not disappointed as the sun had gone behind the clouds and the wind was blowing strongly. I ended up heading back to the hotel early to warm up! As we were on a sleeper train again, I went to a chicken restaurant that was recommended by Sarou, and for 35,000D I was really happy with the choice. We left for the train at 7pm to arrive at Hoi An at 7am.

This time I walked down the carriages to the front of the train. It became very obvious that we were in first class as the carriages became progressivly worse. Our room had a lock and four beds, the next had 6 beds to a room, then the beds became upright seats with music, then the air conditioning was off, then there were wooden benches instead of seats. People were sleeping on the floor underneath the benches for more comfort.  It was really surreal walking through each one, and I really did wonder how much price difference there was between our carriage and the poorest one.


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