Today was a lazy day, the morning just consisted with me updating my blog and sorting out laundry. In the afternoon I went to go meet Dan for lunch, to get there I had to take a shuttle bus outside his apartment to Studio City hotel and walk past his workplace The Parisian, which is currently in construction and where Dan is currently working. Once I met him we walked to the hard rock cafe where there was a buffet full of healthy food.

I had a lot of salad with some cheese sticks and some squid ink bun. I also had some prawn and octopus dishes, and finished off with some fruit. I was really enjoying eating a salad again.

Afterwards I got the shuttle bus back to Dan’s apartment to continue with my life admin. At 6.30pm we headed to his friends company launch party in the Ascott hotel. Annoyingly I had sent all my smart clothes back with the girls, and I was very underdressed as all the women had party dresses on and heels. We could get a free drink which was nice, and the vibe was really buzzing. The launch party was for a new company called Live Love Macau which is a similar concept to Time Out. I really enjoyed attending the event!

We then went to go eat at a Japanese restaurant, and we had some sushi and veg. Was super delicious. Back at the flat I continued to pack before setting off at 2.30am…


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