Today was the last day I’d spend with the girls 😦 It was an amazing two weeks with them, and no dramas which was awesome! We decided to take a day trip to Macau.

Firstly we dropped off their bags at Kowloon station check in desk. You need to buy an airport express ticket in order to do this, but you don’t have to take the train if you don’t want to. It costs $90 for one ticket or $150 for two, which is a really good deal. The check in desk also opens at 5.30am so if your flight is in the evening you can drop them off straight away and enjoy that last day without any luggage.

We then went to Shun Yuen for the Macau ferry port, there we met up with my uncle who said he could get us a free ticket with his rewards card and then use his senior citizens discount which would mean the overall price for 3 of us was cheaper by $70 each. A standard ticket costs $170 and we ended up paying $100 each, score! He was contemplating buying the tickets from some touts outside but I was a bit weary as the price wasn’t really any different, and I’d rather buy legit.

The ferry journey was seamless although freezing inside. I was so cold! A man had also fallen asleep inside the toilet which was rather amusing. When we arrived we decided to talk to the ticket office about how the girls would return to the airport.

Although I had looked into prices of tickets and schedules we were still unsure of whether it was better for the girls to go back to Hong Kong at the end of the day and use the express train or take a ferry straight back to the airport which costs a bit more. It turned out that for them to go back to Hong Kong and then take the train would be a 2 hour journey but a ferry straight to the airport is only 70 mins.

Annoyingly the travel agent at the Taipa terminal wouldn’t sell them tickets to the airport, we would have to go to Macau port. Atleast we knew what the options were.

We took a complimentary bus to the Venetian Hotel, where my friend Dan came and met us. As I was staying in Macau with him for a couple nights, he kindly arranged for me to drop my bag off. He then took us to Macau ferry port in his dad’s swanky mini van (I want one, it’s pure luxury with foot rests and tables) . There the girls were able to buy their ferry ticket to the airport at 19.45pm the last one of the day, and then store their extra bags at the check in desk for $50.

Then Dan dropped us near to the Wynn Casino, and we were off to explore Macau. I’ve been a few times not so long ago so I could remember where the main attractions are and lead the girls there (also had help from the map Dan gave us, which he got from the tourist map at the Ferry port). We walked up the main strip and came across the old square, and lead onto the ruins. Everything is sign posted so it’s really easy to get around, on the map there’s also bus numbers so if you really want to see everything, it’s possible.


Along the way I bought some dried meat from Bee Cheng Hiang, although in the lead up to the ruins there are loads of places selling this meat, I really love the taste of this SIngaporean brand and was looking forward to having some. As I was so excited I really wasn’t paying attention to how much they were giving me, and this stuff it pretty expensive. I asked for 4 slices of pork, and she gave me 150g…. then I asked for 2 slices of beef and she gave me 100g… I ended up paying for a ton of meat at $250!!!! I can’t even finish the amount I bought and was happy but annoyed lol.



The girls tried the egg tarts, which have a Portuguese custard twist and most places sell one for $9, and also the infamous pork chop bun which cost around $20. They got the bun from two different places one was more of an official shop the other was more of a street stall. Needless to say the official one had much nicer bread and I think tasted nicer.


We wondered around for quite a bit, even walking up to the fort next to the ruins. We were tempted to head back to the Taipa side to see the fancy casinos, but we were limited for time. Once we had seen most of the sites, we found a Gong Cha bubble tea place inside this random outlet shop and enjoyed the last hour or so together.

To get back to the ferry port was really easy, we jumped on a bus which only cost $2.3 and we got there in no time.

At the port I said my goodbyes – wah! I then bought my ferry ticket to get back to Hong Kong, and Dan drove me to Taipa village to have a quick look around.

At the village there are some really amazing colonial buildings, all painted in pretty colours. The villages are really quaint and you do feel like you’re in another country. As Dan lives in Coloane which is a past Taipa, we had a nice drive around all the main sites and beaches (although I couldn’t really see anything as the fog was pretty bad). Where he lives is like the countryside of Hong Kong, so much greenery around.


Back at his apartment he cooked an amazing codfish dish with cinnamon apple to finish, delicious and a nice change from Asian food!



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