Hong Kong – Dragon’s back hike


To try and see more if Hong Kong we decided to wake up early and tackle the Dragons back hike, I’d read that it was relatively easy which was a good thing after our late night karaoke.

To get there we got the mtr to Shau kei wan and then number 9 bus to to tai wan, which is the begining if the hike. The toilets are portaloo squats and are rank so best to try to go before… It was quite foggy today and at the beginning of the hike you are surrounded by trees and plants so not much of a view. Once we got higher we realised that the fog was so thick that we could not see any of the view, which was a massive shame. There was some uphill but nothing compared to Thailand and as it had rained the night before it was a little slippery but nothing we couldn’t handle. It took about 1 hour to cross the back and at the bottom we turned left towards tbe beach.


It said it was another hour to get there, this path was flat and we passed some cute little waterfalls. There was this girl walking alone in front of us and she didn’t move her arms, we called her zombie girl and we basically walked behind her for the majority of this path.


Nearer the end of this path there was another scanky toilet, and we turned right to again head to the beach. It said that it would be another 1 hour to the beach… this time we had to walk down a small path which looked really spooky as there was no-one there and the fog was seeping in. This path was purely downhill and I slipped quite a few times. It seemed to take forever… but eventually we came across a set of stairs and at the bottom there was a sign saying welcome to Big Wave Bay. We walked through the little village and found the beach, it was quite pretty but is no Thailand..


If it had been a nicer day it would’ve been nice to take a dip. We stayed for a bit and ate some noodle soup at one of the cafes. it was basic but just what we needed.

Afterwards we headed to the bus stop and took the bus number 9 back to Shau Kei WaN. We had to wait a little while for it but once on it didn’t take too long. Instead of taking the mtr we hopped on the tram, to do a little sight seeing.it only costs 2$ for a ride! And we sat  on it for 20 mins to Causeway Bay, once there the traffic was really bad.

That evening we Went out to eat hot pot all, you can eat. We offered so much to put inside like veg and meat, beef, prawn, won ton, black fungus, tofu, udon etc. Tina ordered some weird Chinese stuff like fish maw and pig collagen, aparently they have no flavour but have a soft ejlly like texture and contains collagen which is good for you skin. I am sceptical about the claim and don’t try any. Tina also failed to mention that drinks were included in the price which was so annoying as we were all really thirsty haha! Overall it was a tasty and healthy Meal.



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