Hong Kong – Tim Ho Wan & Sha tin


Today we went to go try the Michellin starred dimsum at Tim Ho Wan in Olympic Centre, looking at a map it wasn’t too far from us so we got the bus from our apartment and was dropped off outside. We walked through the mall side 2 and found the restaurant. There was a lot of people outside so we had to wait for a while but could fill out our dim sum sheet in the meantime. There wasn’t the biggest variety but we chose some of our favourite things like char siu bao and Chung fun.


Once inside and we had handed in our sheet, the food started rolling in. The glutenous rice was massive and we all started worrying that we had ordered too much food. The char siu bao was the highlight, it was quite sweet like a cake but the pork was to die for. The cheung fun was nothing to shout about but the spring rolls were amazing. Overall The food was delicious! We probably ordered enough food for 5 people but the cost was only $90 each. I was so full I felt so ill lol


After lunch we went to go meet Tina in Sha Tin, near to where she lives. She told us that it was really grubby and nothing special but there are some really fancy shops! We skipped past all the designer shops and headed to old part of shopping centre for cheap cosmetics. Here we were able to find cosmetics that were cheaper than Seoul! It’s a bit of a search to find what you’re looking for and it’s the kind of place where they just have the stock on show and the next day there might be something new. It’s better to pay with cash here as they were charging 2&3% of the purchase price. It’s a decent shopping mall with lots of independant and chain shops as well as plenty of places to eat.

As Sha Tin is north HK I Met up with my uncle in Fanling for dinner. I was really stuffed but knew I’d have to eat, so I made sure to order veg and soup at cafe de coral. This cafe is a chain and sells really good meals for a decent price. I had the fish and veg with soup.


I headed back to TST to meet all thr girls again for Karaoke at Mr Red, it was my first time experiencing karaoke in Asia! There were a ton of rooms in this place over 2 floors and our room had lots of space and our own toilet. There was a touch screen menu for songs and had a variety old and new as well as foreign songs. It was a cheap deal as we only had t0 pay £20 for 6 hours and the cost included food and drink. There were 4 microphones and I can easily say all of us sang our hearts out.



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