Hong Kong – Lamma Island & Light show


We woke up early today and headed out to a local cafe across the road to eat some congee. It cost 20hkd and was really yummy pork flavour, real nice start to the day. Then we got a MTR to Hong Kong and took a ferry from pier 4 to Yuen Sha Wan, which costs $23.70 one way. I thought we would have to wait a while as the Sunday service is usually one ferry every half hour but it was really quick to get on the boat. We sat at the top outside on the left so we could see the best views, and enjoyed the 30min journey.


At Lamma, it was quite busy at first as we walked through the shops, but once we turned left to get onto the family trail it quietend down. Within the streets of the shops there is a signpost to Sok Kwa Wan and leads left to the family trail. At first there’s not really much to see but there’s some snack shops for you to stock up on. I would suggest bringing your own water and snacks as it’s a little overpriced, there’s also a BYO BBQ spot further down the walk by one of the beaches which would be great to eat at.


It’s a relatively easy walk with a clear path, and it takes you up the hills to see the views and down to the beaches. The first beach is only 15mins into the walk, and on a nice day it’s nice to have a paddle and swim or just sit on the rocks and chill. We decided to sit on the rocks and admire the view.



We took our time to walk around the island, we didn’t bother to go see the wind turbine as I’ve seen them before in the UK and it’s nothing special. The second beach was nearer the end and again we sat down and admired it (rested our feet more like).


At the end of the walk we went to one of the seafood restaurants.. The one we chose had a set menu for $220 each which included lobster, clams, prawns, scallops, veg, rice, soft drink and fruit. It all tasted so delicious and fresh, the lobster was weird due to cheese sauce but ate it anyway. This was the best deal we found as we got to try a lot of food for a fraction of the original cost. The waitress was quite pushy at the end for payment, I had actually gone to try to find the toilet and ended up down some random street where the kitchen was.. and when I got back she was like you pay here. Lol I really needed the loo.


Got Ferry back seamlessly at Sai wok village to HK pier, it didn’t take too long and the girls slept the entire way. Back at our grimey flat we freshened up again to watch light show with sound at Wooloomooloo bar at the One in TST on Nathan road. As we started walking there we found Temple street market, and I bought a couple cool luggage tags for only 5$ each! To watch the light show we needed to be at the bar before 8pm to ensure we had the best table and not miss the beginning. As it was a walk away we decided to take a cab, it was only supposed to be a minute journey down the road but the driver took us the wrong way so it took forever, he was nice though and didn’t charge us full price because of the mistake.

The bar was really nice and swanky, and we scored a prime spot so we had a good view of Hong Kong Island. I’m not too bothered about the actual light show as I’ve seen it plenty of times. After the show we tried to eat speciality dim sum but had horrble ugly theme called Kobitos. I wish we were there when there was the Gudetama theme!


It was decided we would eat at a local cafe instead, I had char siu and noodle and a ice lemon tea.


For dessert we walked to a spot in Jordan, and I had sago with pomelo and mango and grass jelly for $32. It was delicious apart from the pomelo which was a little sour, everyone had really cool dishes and enjoyed them.




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