Hong Kong – Mongkok & Lan Kwai Fong


We arrived around 7am in the morning so there wasn’t long to collect things and go through immigration. We headed for the bus station and took a bus for 40$ straight to Jordan, it’s much cheaper than the HK Express which is $100. It only took 40mins as it was still quite early, and the seats were comfortable. We had a short walk to the airbnb, and I bought a 4G simcard for 8 days at $110 which includes 5GB of data and unlimited texts and calls to local numbers. It was a good thing I had bought it as we had to call our Airbnb person to help us get to the flat.

Our flat is on Man Ying street.. it’s pretty grubby with cockroaches, really small beds and damp covered up with paper… the outside corridor looks like something from a HK drug film… BUT it’s cheap at 45pound per night for 3 of us. Really good for the location. I was told by Shuk that in the 60s these apartments were the place to be, but 40 years on and I beg to differ. There is a supermarket and plenty of 711s and cafes around us so convenience is no problem here.


Alison and I went to go eat breakfast, but chose badly.. and ended up eating plain instant noodles with egg and ham… for $20. We then picked up Anita and headed into Mongkok. The walk was about 20mins, on the way we found a cafe selling dim sum, so naturally we sat down and ate.


We met up with Tina at Mongkok Exit D3 to check out the cosmetic shops and other shops. As it was a Saturday it was really rammed, and unpleasant to walk around. I do love looking in HK shops though as I’ve bought really good stuff from here in the past and would like to find the same items to send home. We also had a bubble tea and some egg pastry from the local shops. My bubble tea was longan and red date, with no sugar, it was really sweet and there was a bitter sweet taste due to the date. It cost $19 which is so much cheaper than UK 🙂


I ended up buying a sports bra from Cotton On(which I needed to exchange for a bigger size the next day…) and two pots of my fave hair mask Essentials which is a cheap Japanese brand.

We then ate dinner in a small local cafe and I had charsiu and rice, for 45$.


Afterwards we headed home to freshen up as we were going to check out Lan Kwai Fong that evening. To get there we purchased an Octopus card which is $150 where $50 is a deposit, and $100 goes straight onto the card, and took the MTR to Central exit D.

It was really buzzing and there’s a lot more westerners here. Instead of drinking on the main streets, we went to lily and Bloom which is inside one of the buildings towards the back of the street. It was really cool with awesome music, Tina was already there with some friends and they had bought some interesting cocktails. On the bar there were cups of sweets everywhere, which is so awesome. It’s a really cool place to go out, but a little bit more pricey compared with other bars.  A lot of people hang out outside 711s as you can buy cheap drink and drink it on the street, and I think there is definitely a bar for every kind of person, and you don’t have to be really dressed up if you don’t want to!


We then left and headed north up to the Midway levels, to go show the others soho. On my previous trips to HK I have seen many of these places before, but it’s always nice to go again as there’s always more to discover!

Unfortunately we wanted to get the last train home and we were super tired, so we headed back to the apartment. I’m glad we managed to go out though and made the most of our time!



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