Seoul – Myeongdong Cat Cafe & Namsung Park


For our last day our school friend Yessi joined us again and our plan was to go to the Spring festival to see all the blossom. However, when we checked online it had been moved to next week :(.

We were a bit bummed but still tried to make the most of our day. The first stop was Seoul Station where we were able to store our luggage for the day. The first 4 hours cost 4000W and then for each 4 hours it cost another 4000W. It was really simple to do and happy that I didn’t have to carry my bag around.


Out of the station is Lotte Mart which is a supermarket! I was so happy but also sad as it was our last day and we’d only just found somewhere to buy fresh food. It was huge too with loads of free food samples. I was getting quite full from trying everything 😀

We ate lunch at the food court there, I had a noodle and black bean dish alongside as spicy seafood soup. The soup was unbelievably spicy, and glad I had a mixture of dishes to ease the burn. It was quite tasty but not the best but for 7000W it was pretty good.


Next we went to Myeongdong again to find a cat cafe. It wasn’t hard to get to but that was probably because Yessi knew where she was going. When we got up to the top of the stairs we had to take off our shoes and put on some slippers, we were also made to sanitise our hands. Entry fee was 8000W and included a drink, I ordered an aloe drink which was really refreshing. Then finally we were able to see the pretty cats! They had a variety of pure breeds here which was really lovely, they were all very docile and calm. The siamese was a lap cat so when you put a blanket on you he would come over and sit on you.


There were a few rules like don’t pick up the cats or disturb them while they sleep but generally they were awake and happy to be stroked. The staff put some food on the backs of our hands to feed the cats, they really loved this and it was fun having them lick our hands. We ended up playing with them for a while, my favourite was called Teary but I think they meant to write Terry. He was so big and cute!


Afterwards we took a taxi to Namsung, to walk up to the tower. The cab tried to drop us off really far but Yessi noticed an entrance to the park, so we saved money on the journey. The walk was steep and as it was a warm day I was getting quite sweaty! It was over 1km to get to the base of the tower, which wasn’t too bad.


At the top there was a viewing platform which you could use for free, so we didn’t need to buy a ticket to go up to the top. It was quite smoggy, and I think the view would be better at night.


We took a bus back to Myeongdong to have dinner, Yessi showed us where to get a pork cutlet meal and then headed home to eat with her family. It was so lovely seeing her and will miss her!

The meal was pretty tasty and the pork came with rice, miso soup, picked radish and cabbage with an apple sauce. For 6000W it was a great deal.


After dinner we attempted to see a bridge that lit up at night, but we failed to find it within two hours so we gave up and went back to Seoul station to get some snacks and head off to the airport.


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