Seoul -Express bus terminal shopping & Itaewon


This was our lazy day so we slept in until 11am and then headed off to the Express bus terminal for some shopping.

Here there is a ton of underground shopping, all selling clothes and jewellery really cheap! I bought a tshirt for 5000W which is around 3pounds but it was too small for me 😦


At the end of the walkway there was a small food court and we chose a really nice cafe to eat lunch. I had a bulgogi noodle soup which was so tasty and had a nice little spice to it.


Afterwards Anita wanted a patbinsu which is an ice based dish, and the cafe next door was selling it. It was massive! It had brownies, orea cookie and chocolate chips on top. She didn’t manage to finish it.


We then left to head towards Itaewon to meet an old school friend Yessi, it was so nice seeing her after 8 years and she took us to a BBQ place called HBC BBQ. Here all the doors are open because you have a grill in the middle of your table so you can cook your own meat. We opted for the all you can eat, although there was a time limit of 90mins so we had to eat quick! They gave us beef, which was delicious, pork belly and pork cheek. It tasted SO GOOD. It was quite smoky in there but they put our coats and jumpers in a plastic bag and there was an extractor fan directly above the grill. We easily ran out of time, but we were so full after all the meat.


As it was still early, we headed to a bar nearby called Roxy. It was a very western style bar with vinyls lining the wall and you could request songs. We started off with some mixers but quickly moved onto the tequila and were requesting songs non stop. Luckily there weren’t many people in the bar, apart from a few Americans who I think were part of the army.


We did however notice that Yeeun from Wondergirls wass sitting right by us! We waited until the right moment and then asked for a picture :D, she didn’t seem too happy to pose with us but did it anyway. Yeah… she doesn’t look too happy in the photo…


We had a great time at the bar, I think Yessi was embarassed by our bad dancing lol. To get back we took a taxi -the driver was soooo pervy and tried to kiss me I was so grossed out. It didn’t help the other girls were egging him on and I was sat at the front… ew.





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